OneDrive cloud storage

Store up to 1TB of stuff in your Glow OneDrive

Store up to 1TB of stuff in your Glow OneDrive

Use OneDrive to create and store up to 1TB of your classroom data in the cloud with the ability to view on all your devices.

 toptipicon.fwIf you want to download the mobile app, it is the ‘OneDrive for Business’ app you need to get to connect with Glow O365 and not regular OneDrive, which is a different product for personal use.


  • Upload and store documents, images and videos securely in the cloud
  • A massive 1 terabyte of storage is available to all Glow users via OneDrive
  • Create Word/Excel/Powerpoint /OneNote documents straight from OneDrive
  • Download the mobile apps (OneDrive for Business) for tablets/smartphones to view OneDrive content
  • Sync OneDrive with your PC for offline access. (PC only)
  • Use Microsoft Document Connect for Mac OS syncing
  • Share resources with a variety of other Glow users

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How to- OneDrive

5 comments on “OneDrive cloud storage
  1. Drew Burrett says:

    There is also a One Drive for Business App for WIndows 8 which allows access to your Glow One Drive from your PC.

    Download from the Windows8 App Store –

    There is no version for Mac OSX, but there is an app for iOS devices –

  2. Eddie Sinclair says:

    Microsoft have a beta version out for Mac OSX at long last!

    • glowscot says:

      Thanks Eddie

      Glow Team

      • Hi I have a student leaving school who wants to continue to access his Glow/onedrive storage at college. We do not have student Glow accounts at College but hope that he can continue to access his materials by logging in to ‘Onedrive’. Is Glow ‘Onedrive’ different from other Onedrives?

      • glowscot says:

        You would need a Glow login to be able to access any element of the Glow service, this would include OneDrive within Glow. Glow is its own tenancy within O365 and the authentication is separate as a result.

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