Is it only pupils and teachers who can get access to Glow?

Glow is available to a range of users that are involved in learning, the majority of whom are teachers and learners.

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3 comments on “Is it only pupils and teachers who can get access to Glow?
  1. I am a retired Primary School Head Teacher and also Grandmother of three Secondary Stage Grandchildren- S1, S2, S5.
    I am also Church Representative on the Parent Council of my Local Primary School ( since inception of School Boards and then Parent Councils) at which I carry out Voluntary Work when requested. ( example – currently coach Bible Quiz Team)
    If possible, would like to be able to use the Glow Facilities as a source for all of the above.

    • glowscot says:

      Thanks for your comment, sorry for the delay in responding. At the moment Glow is only available to teachers and learners. We are about to consult on parental access and it would be interesting to consider access for grandparents as part of the consultation process.
      Glow Team

      • MARK KERR says:

        Hi there, Thank for your reply. I hope that the proposed consultation will deliver in the affirmative. I would appreciate your possible, future ability to include grandparents as in many cases it is they who supervise, supply support with Homework tasks Yours hopefully. Euphemia Kerr

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