Blogs replacement tender has now been issued

A new WordPress blog service is out to tender

Current WordPress Blogs content will be migrated

The tender for the replacement blog service has now issued. The aim is to deliver a fully managed blog hosting service to replace the current blog service that will be withdrawn by October 2014. The plan is to migrate and upgrade all blogs and local files from the current WordPress environment version initially to the same WordPress version, and then to iteratively upgrade to the latest version of WordPress. We will keep you informed as this project continues to make progress.

Content freeze during summer

Please note, we plan to have a content freeze or outage of Glow Blogs for a few days during  the summer holidays (1st July until August 15th) so we can carry out a pilot migration exercise. This pilot will help us to plan the improvements to blogs in a way that minimises impact on the Glow community.

A procedural  content freeze means that data will be copied for migration and any modifications made after the copy and before the new sites are avaliable will be lost. Sites will remain available throughout. The pilot will determine whether there is a need, and the timing of, a further content freeze. This would be likely to take place over a few days between August and October. We will aim to issue another update as soon as the results of the pilot migration are known.


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One comment on “Blogs replacement tender has now been issued
  1. […] Back in June we proposed a content freeze over a short period over the summer and possibly another in September or October, as it turned out the summer freeze did not happen as it would not have given us any advantage, we could do a text export without a freeze. […]

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