Microsoft Office 365 update

featuredhomeo365iconsNew master pages in testing phase

The Microsoft Office 365 tenancy team are working hard on new master pages to deploy to the Tenancy. We are currently in the testing phase and hope to have the templates available by the end of June or beginning of July.

SCA permissions being reviewed

The Site Collection Administrator permissions are currently under review and we will be ensuring that we have the correct accounts in place across each site collection by the end of June. We will communicate any changes with site owners.

We are still considering potential restrictions to the Student people search in SharePoint, in order to bring this in-line with the policy agreed with stakeholders for the Global Address List in Mail. We are hoping to finalise this by the end of June.

Recent service interruptions

Unfortunately we have experienced a couple of service interruptions recently, particularly on Sharepoint. This is not isolated to our Tenancy in Glow, but has also affected a number of other customers. We are working with Microsoft to minimise the number and impact of these as much as possible. Where we become aware of a problem we will communicate this via email in order to make all key users aware and will advise of any known timescales.

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2 comments on “Microsoft Office 365 update
  1. Arlene says:

    Is Microsoft Office still free to download by teachers on Glow?
    I’m not finding the link.

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