Work has started


The development of the new blog service is now underway.  Code for the People have been brought in to work alongside the in house development team to migrate and support the blogging service.

Progress is being made in a number of areas including the development of technical solutions to host the migrated blogs and manage users without relying on the old Glow portal.

We have already had demos of several features working in development environments.

We are getting very close to procuring the hosting for the new blog service, finessing the SLAs with the providers.

We are now working on testing plans for the new blog service. All aspects of the service will be extensively tested, some of this will be automatic and some will involve users, for this we need some help (Glow log-in required). We already have a few volunteers but if you have a blog in the current service you can sign up to be a tester: (glow login required)

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2 comments on “Work has started
  1. Jim Mclean says:

    Hi John , the blog news is fab, and I can appreciate all the work going into this, but a procurement excercise can take considerable time. What is a reasonable date we could expect blogs to be fully available and working, without any ‘testing’ in the live environment or waiting on additional features?

  2. Hi Jim,
    All procurement activities are now completed for the blogs project and we are working hard to try and ensure that there will be no downtime in the blogs.

    There will be a content freeze, this will be between the time the data is taken from the RM servers and moved to the new system. This may be around a week.

    There is a risk that the work on the blogs will not be finished by the time that the authentication switches to Unify and the old RM servers are switched off, if so there will be some downtime – the Project Team is doing all that we can to minimise this risk. After migration the blogs will be running under the same version of WordPress as the current glow blogs.

    After that the blogs will be upgraded to a more recent version of WordPress and then new functionality will be developed in phase 3.
    We do not expect that the upgrade or phase 3 will produce any significant downtime or outages.

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