RM Unify


Your launch pad to Glow services and the web resources you use most often.

When you log in to Glow you will now arrive at a launchpad of tiles called RM Unify. The launchpad tiles take you to the tools and services you can access with your Glow login.

Below is a preview of what this might look like for you but please be advised that each local authority can decide which tiles to include automatically for all its users, so your tiles may look different:



Multiple screens to scroll through and a personal view just for you

You will notice that there are two boxes above the main tiles called ‘My launch pad’ and ‘Shared launch pad’. This is how that works:

  • When you first login you will see the shared launch pad until you create your own, personal one
  • Click on ‘My launch pad’ and ‘Add’  to add personal tiles for Glow tools and resources you will use often
  • You can also add web links to general websites you use regularly
  • After you create your own launch pad, Glow RM Unify will default to that view for all future logins

Your personal launch pad to all your favourite web content and tools


Adding a tile

When you add a tile you will be presented with a popup window like this to confirm that you wish to install the tile. The same will also be true for removing that tile after it has been added.

Screenshot 2014-08-21 15.10.43.fw

Want to try Office 365?

Office 365 is one of the brand new services that you can now access with your Glow username and password. Office 365 has a number of features you might find useful, including the following:

What is Office 365?


  1. National Newsfeed to discuss learning and teaching with other Glow users across Scotland
  2. About me/profile to add an avatar and personal interests for connecting with other users
  3. OneDrive cloud storage of up to 1 Terabyte (yes you did read that correctly!) per user.
  4. Office online with co-create/multi-user live editing for collaborating on documents
  5. OneNote digital notebooks
  6. Outlook mail and calendar for notifications and sharing calendars
  7. Sharepoint sites for staff, school and class sites

For more information on how to get started with Office 365, try our ‘10 ways to get started with Glow O365′ page

How do I get there from RM Unify?

Click on any of the orange Office 365 tiles and you will be taken to Glow Office 365


  • Choose the tile called Office 365 (My Site) to go to your Glow O365 personal area
  • Choose the tile called Office 365 (School site) to go to your school’s home site (please note that your school SCA (site collection admin) may not have accessed this site as yet and it may be an empty space with only a title)
  • Choose the tile called Office 365 (Outlook) to be taken to Glow O365 Outlook mail and calendar

Navigating Glow Office 365

Once you click on any of the links to Glow Office 365, you will see this blue navigation bar always at the top of your browser window.This allows you to navigate between the various tools within Glow Office 365:



To create a new Office online* document and share it with other users, you select OneDrive from the blue nav bar (looks just like the picture above) and then choose +New to create a new document, followed by share to share it with any Glow username or Glow email address.

*Word, Excel, Powerpoint or OneNote fully online and no need to have the software on your computer!

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One comment on “RM Unify
  1. […] Office365 is really well integrated now and such a powerful tool. Full web-based Office functionality with cloud storage and huge potential for online collaboration between learners – be they school pupils or teachers. If we didn’t already have access to Google Apps through eduBuzz in East Lothian, I’d be all over this feature. […]

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