Glow Broadcast Project

Broadcast project updates

Broadcast project updates

The last few months have been taken up with assessing requirements, technically reviewing solutions and navigating public sector procurement. The outcome of this is, we now have a contract in place to provide a privately hosted Adobe Connect service for exclusive use in Glow. We also have a separate contract to deliver the integration with RM Unify and configure the service to our specific requirements.

The old service (RM’s Adobe Connect) is due for switch off on the 3rd October! Between now and that date we have a lot of work to do to ensure that the service is robust, well tested and meets our needs.

The new service is a much newer version of Adobe Connect and there will be some changes for users. To support this we will be releasing support materials and offering some sessions on getting to grips with the product.

There are three parts of the service which will change, these are:

• Previously recorded Glow Meets will not be moved over to the new service by the project team, if anyone wants to retain their Glow Meets, they must make provision for this.
• Hosts on the old system will not be transferred over, instead if Glow users wish to become a Host on the new service, they must reapply to Jennifer McDougall .
• Throughout October users requiring access to Glow TV who haven’t previously used the system will need to request access from Jennifer McDougall. From November onwards, all Glow users will be automatically provisioned when they attempt to use the service.

The Glow TV service will be continuing as normal after the transition but we will be making a lighter schedule on the weeks following the transition in order to establish the service.

We look forward to sharing more information with you prior to the transition.

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