Wiki Progress

We have been making good progress on the Wiki project and are beginning negotiations with the successful bidder for the new Wiki service as part of the Glow service. The requirements for the new service were created following a national survey where all Glow users had the opportunity to express their opinions.

As previously noted, we would like to remind current Wiki users that content will not be migrated to the new service. Users should save any content they want to an appropriate place. A banner informing all Wiki users of this was put in place across all Wikis at the end of last session.

We will not have the new solution in place for the shutdown of the old server on 3 October. However we are planning to have the new Wiki service in place by November or December 2014.

  1. If you need a Wiki before then you have a couple of options:
    OneNote notebooks offer a way to replicate a wiki page structure. Text can be copied from the current Glow wikis, pasted to a OneNote notebook in Office 365 and a notebook shared.
    Sharepoint sites themselves can be used as wikis using the wiki page library.

We hope the new Glow Wiki service will be more powerful and easier to use than the old service and will give users the opportunity to work creatively and collaboratively in a shared space.

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