Glow Blogs Migration Started

The Glow Blogs migration export started on 19thSeptember 2014

Any new posts or content added to blogs will not be migrated to the new service.

The new service should be up and running by Oct 3rd 2014

What’s Happening

At 9:00am on the 19th of September we will take a copy of the data from the RM servers to migrate to the new service. This means anything posted to the blogs after then will not be migrated.

You  can continue to post to you blog and the content will appear, but when we switch to the new service (planned for 3rd October) that content will be lost.

Why Does it Take So long?

We have to encrypt the data securely, then transport it to the new server, install it there, decrypt and hook it up to the new software. In parallel we are finalising the new server, software and testing.

Once everything is in place there will be further testing before the new server goes live.

What Happens Next

If all goes to plan on the 3rd of October we will switch the domain to the new server. All of your blogs will have the same content as they did at 9:00 am on the 19th of September 2014.

There are a few changes to the way blogs will work, mainly in blog creation and user management. Help will be provided on a new help blog.

On the 3rd of October the blogs will still be using WordPress 2.9.2 the same as the current blogs. As soon as possible we will be upgrading to a newer version of WordPress.

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