New login screen preview

After Friday 3rd October users will have a new login system to authenticate them to Glow services. The login and account/password management features will be managed via RM Unify and should make it easier for users to change their own passwords and for teachers to change passwords for pupils in their classes.

Below is a screenshot of what this will look like:


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8 comments on “New login screen preview
  1. Ann McCabe says:

    Not a very child friendly login screen. At the recent RM Roadshows we all commented on how unsuitable this login screen was for young learners.

    • glowscot says:

      Thanks Ann, this is something we are aware of and there will be opportunities for making changes and updates beyond October and the switchover period. We will keep you updated about the feedback and evaluation process.

  2. Hamish Budge says:

    Would it be worth forwarding this to all staff?

    The login and password is the same but it also gives users the option to provide an alternative email address for password recovery.



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  3. Susan Laing says:

    I cannot seem to access the Glow now. Where am I going wrong? I’m not sure what I have to do to sign in. I never use my Glow mail so I have no idea what it is.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Hi, I can’t seem to access the main glow website anymore and so can no longer access my German resources.

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