Glow Blogs Update: Switchover

blog newsWe are getting really close to the switchover date. Here are some  things that you need to be aware of in regards to Glow Blogs.


The old glow portal will be gone.

This means that the links from glow groups to blogs will go. Links made before last summer’s portal migration will have been migrated but they may be hard to access.

You will be able to access any blogs you have permission to via the ‘My Blogs’ area of the blogs dashboard.


New Functionality

With the separation of the blogs from SharePoint we have changed a few major areas of functionality. Blog Creation, Privacy Settings and User Management beign the main ones. Help for this is being developed on the Glow Blog Help

PDFs are available to download (some typo fixing in progress)


Known Issues

As the development of the blogs progresses we have made the decision that some issues are small enough to go live with and fix as quickly as possible when we go live . These will be listed on known issues on the help blog.


Access at Switchover

Due to the switchover plan you may not be able to cannot logon to your blog for a period on Friday 3rd Oct afternoon.

More details: Access to the new service will depend on the new tiles being available in RM Unify, the authentication switch over and the DNS of the new servers having propagated. There may be a short time, perhaps an hour, when the DNS has not propagated (perhaps due to local caching) this may mean you cannot logon to your blog for this time on Friday 3rd Oct afternoon.

Access to blogs is now dependent on the Tiles on RM unify. This means that if you access a private or glow only blog in another Local Authority’s instance you would need to have the time for that instance on your RM unify dashboard. Your School admin would need to make that tile available to you. This is a known issue and we will be addressed after go live.

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