The purpose of Glow – a position statement

The Scottish Government’s vision for a world-class education system is firmly based on the successful implementation of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE). Digital and other technologies play an important role in enabling this. The Glow platform is a nationally available digital service that is fundamental to supporting delivery of this vision.


The vision is one where: “Scotland’s educators, learners and parents take full advantage of the benefits offered by digital technology in order to raise attainment, ambition and opportunities for all”


The vision is under-pinned by a number of specific objectives:

  • A change in the culture of the use of digital technologies;
  • Improved confidence in the use of digital technologies by learners, teachers, school leaders and parents;
  • The promotion of new pedagogies;
  • Increased and strengthened parental engagement; and
  • Provision of the best possible support for hardware and associated ICT infrastructure.

A position statement has been produced that sets out the purpose of the Glow service and its key place in supporting learning and teaching in Scotland.


Glow Position Statement 

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