Systems change – a peek behind the scenes

This week represents the culmination of an intense and demanding programme of technical work involving the decommissioning of the old Glow Portal and the development of a range of new services to support learning using a digital environment. It also marks a milestone in the development of Glow and what we hope will be a new phase of interest and increasing usage in all that Glow has to offer for learners and educators.

A team of technical experts, requirement analysts, procurement staff, testers, project managers and teaching staff from Scottish Government and Education Scotland have been working together with a range of national partners and local authority contacts to shape the future of Glow.

The vision- why all of this work started

The vision for Glow was set out by the ICT in Education Excellence Group . The report produced by the Excellence Group presented a vision for a national system, for all teaching staff, educationalists and learners, that gives access to online tools, resources and learning content according to the needs of the user. This vision has been embraced by the programme team as they attempt to translate this within Glow into a tangible, accessible and more user friendly system where learners and teachers can create, collaborate and innovate, using Glow.

In addition to the development of the technical functionality of each part of the new system, testing with users has been a core requirement, with teams hosting user testing sessions to check the usability and relevance with some of those who use the system. The team has also worked closely with individuals from each local authority who have been designated as Glow Key Contacts. We see them as our local eyes and ears of schools and they have provided invaluable support throughout the development process.

Out with the old

The Glow Programme team is on the verge of switching off the old Glow Portal and completing a hugely ambitious transition to a cloud-based service offering a range of re-provisioned services, as covered in the services section.

Even as we recognise a significant milestone, the evolution will continue. Our interest will focus on ensuring users have the help and support they need to make the most of Glow. We are creating new ways to involve users – a new National Digital Learning Community is in development, and we want to encourage a dialogue with users – to share stories, stimulate conversations and facilitate the use of Glow as a valued and worthwhile tool in our schools. This is a vision we hope you all share.

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