Transition Successful

We are pleased to report that we have successfully transitioned to our new services. We are dealing with a small number of issues which we expect to resolve early next week. We hope you enjoy using the new Glow environment and if you have any issues at all, please report them through the usual channels.


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2 comments on “Transition Successful
  1. Philip Reilly says:

    i have been trying new glow logging in as teaching staff. I have also logged in under a pupli’s
    pass word in order to test new glow before allowing pupils to access it. Problem. When I have logged in under pupil I can see documents that I have created in my own (staff) log in and they are down loadable.
    I would think that this is not meant to happen. Can you help?

    • Hi Philip
      couple of things could be happening here:-
      incorrect logging out procedure when in Office 365 as a teacher- try logging out in the suggested fashion- I have noticed this happening a couple of times as I have several Office 365 accounts for different organisations and it tends to remember my last login if I do not log out correctly.
      You may also have inadvertently shared your document in an area that is open to pupils e.g. if a pupil is a member of a shared school space then they will gain access to the document, if you have stored them in an area in your one drive which you have set up for sharing.
      Try investigating these tow possibilities and if this does not resolve the issue then please do not hesitate to get back to us.

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