Changing your own passwords (staff only)

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paddingnewSchool staff must ensure they add a home email address so they can reset their own Glow passwords.

A blog post already exists that explains how school staff can reset their own password but it is very important that users enter a personal/home email address beforehand. 

paddingnewReminders every time you log in

If you are a member of school staff then you will be reminded that you need to enter a home email address each time you log in to Glow. This will continue to happen until you enter one or you tell the system to stop reminding you. Please note that this is for school staff only and not student users.

Personal/ home email addresses are used as an alternate email for the purpose of sending password reset information. This is critical for users being sent a new password. Home email addresses will not be passed from SEEMiS so it is likely that most staff users will not have an alternate home email address populated and should enter one at the earliest opportunity.

Further instructions via a video guide can be found in the blog post below:

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4 comments on “Changing your own passwords (staff only)
  1. I shona Gilchrist cant get on the new glow so could you help me

    • Hi Shona,
      best bet is to check with your school to check on your password. There should be a point of contact there or contact your Local Authority Glow admin contact. Which local authority are you from.
      BTW do you have a teacher or student account?

  2. Carol Holmes says:

    I am unable to log in to the new Glow. Could you reset my password.

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