Glow Blogs Phase 1.1

We will shortly have a patch release on the blogs service to fix a few issues.

This release will go through some testing cycles and we expect it to be out week ending 7th November.

There may be a short downtime when the patch release is applied. This will be outside school hours and we will give warning through this blog, the help blog and directly to Glow Key Contacts when we know exactly when this will happen.

This will include:

The wp-spam free plugin will be activated as a site wide plugin that will be automatically activated for all public blogs.

NB. This will mean the plugin will no longer be in sites plugins admin screens and a message will be displayed there indicating the plugin has been removed.

Fixes for the following issues:

  • Suffusion theme problem with featured posts turned on.
  • Message on Create a blog page incorrect for 3 local authorities.
  • First time Glow blogs user cannot see the ‘My Blogs’ link on the landing page, even when they have been assigned a blog.
  • Regulus Theme: Comments from external uses failing to work.
  • Fatal errors when using the Unite theme.

There will be some infrastructure changes to improve performance generally.

We have started preliminary work on Phase 2, the upgrade to WordPress 4.

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4 comments on “Glow Blogs Phase 1.1
  1. Rosslyn Lee says:

    I have a lot of schools interested in using blogs as e-portfolios. They are asking a lot of questions about the upgrade to WordPress 4. I have looked at the WordPress website – can I assume that the information here relates exactly to the version of WordPress that the new Glow blogs will use?

    • Hi Rosslyn,
      Not exactly.
      Our WordPress is customised via plugins to add functionality for glow. for instance the creation of new blog and the management of users.
      Ours is also a Multi-site version of WordPress which is slightly different than in running a standalone single blog. Finally the site contains custom code and differs from the standard WordPress from

      Were you looking at features on or .org?
      The standard WP features on post creation, etc will be the same as the WordPress version 4 from
      Some functionality may depend on themes and plugins.

      Was their particular functionality you are interested in?

      • Rosslyn Lee says:

        Hi John,

        I looked at a review of WordPress 4 on

        It was the media grid that I was interested in – I wondered if it was going to be available on the Glow version?


      • Rosslyn,
        If the media grid is built into WP, I think it might be a plugin so would not be there until we add the plugin. We need to have some sort of process where users can request plugins, these can be tested and installed.

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