Glow mobile and mobile apps


Web Browser

All Glow services are accessible through the web browser on any device, including mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • There are different web browsers on different phones and tablets. These would tend to be as follows: Safari (iPhone and iPad) Chrome or Android browser (Android) Internet Explorer (Windows 8/8.1)
  • Navigate to the Glow log in page and log in as you usually would.
  • Use RM Unify as normal to scroll to the tile relevant to the service you are wanting to use.
  • For Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint (School Site) in particular on an iPad you may need to click on the ellipsis (3 dots) in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and choose ‘pc view’ to get the best experience.

Mobile Apps

The situation with Glow services mobile apps (and Microsoft Office 365 mobile apps in particular) is a complex one…

Whilst it is possible to access all of the Glow Microsoft Office 365 services via mobile devices as described above, what you can and cannot do via specific apps varies.

Within Glow Microsoft Office 365 there are multiple services (OneDrive, Outlook Mail, OneNote etc.) and there are three very different operating systems for mobile devices in the form of iOs, Android and Windows 8 – all of these offer a different range of apps that will work differently.

Not all apps are the same

Not all mobile operating systems offer the same apps and, even when they are available, they are updated frequently, with additional features being added that may bring increased functionality. Recently, for example, the OneNote app received a major update that added the ability to upload files and images from mobile devices. This is out with the control of Glow.

In addition, the version of Microsoft Office 365 in Glow does not include Office Mobile for editing Office documents on smartphones and tablets.

Overall, we therefore have a very complex picture to understand.

Join our Glow mobile workshop


Working to understand the Glow mobile apps situation and consider workflow options across platforms

Now that the Glow switchover has taken place, we are turning our attention to matters like this, as we appreciate the importance of mobile device access for schools.

We are organising a workshop session in the coming weeks that will see some of our team work with a group of interested users. The aim of the session will be to try to establish just what is available to Glow users for mobile access across all three operating systems. We also aim to discuss/ document the opportunities and challenges for workflow in the classroom.

Date: Tuesday 25th November

Venue: Stirling Court Hotel (formerly Stirling Management Centre), University of Stirling Campus, Stirling FK9 4LA

Times: 9:30 am arrivals and registration for 10 am start
Open to: Glow users/ Glow Key Contacts (some experience of Glow and mobile apps is preferable)
*these details are now confirmed

Contact us to join this workshop

This workshop is now full. Thanks to those who have agreed to take part and we will be sure to share the work of the group widely thereafter.
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