Glow Help and Support sessions LIVE and interactive on Glow TV

A Glow TV series of Help and Support sessions

We are delighted to announce a series of LIVE and interactive Glow TV help and support sessions showing 10 ways to get started with Glow Office 365 for learning and teaching. These sessions will be live web broadcasts delivered via our new and latest version of Adobe Connect that provides the platform for Glow TV and Glow meet. They will be led by one of the Glow team at Scottish Government/ Education Scotland.

The presenter will share some video content and screenshots/demonstrations and will be available for live questions via the chat facility that will give users a great chance to ask specific questions and get answers straight away, if we can provide them.


view the full catalogue of events and register


join us on our public social channels Tuesday evenings from 11/11 until and including 16/12

Social Q+As in the evenings

All of these sessions will be followed-up with evening Q+A chats via all of our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and the Glow Newsfeed.

We want to give users time to reflect on the Glow TV sessions and have a play around with the functionality of the various tools and services, before coming back to ask the inevitable questions that seem always to come to mind after having had time to explore further.

More information on the Facebook/Twitter Q+A’s is here and for other help and support resources, see our help section.

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