Learning Spaces Templates for Glow O365/SharePoint

Two learning space templates have now been shared nationally and made available to staff in each school/establishment. The templates, “learning experience” and “class space”, have been designed in such a way to allow for easier creation of learning spaces by teaching staff without the need of an in-depth knowledge of SharePoint.

The Learning Experience- This space is modelled on the NAR Flowchart for planning learning. It addresses the needs of a CfE learning experience and makes it easier to plan together with learners, co-create learning intentions, resources and goes all the way through to the next steps stage.

The class space- This space helps support the learning of a class throughout an extended period of time. For a teacher taking early steps with online learning, it can help manage learning resources, freeing them up to be more innovative with learning in the physical classroom.

For guidance in the use of learning spaces see the various handy guides at – http://bit.ly/glowhelpdocs or post us a message at http://bit.ly/learningspaceshome

(log into glow and copy and paste these links into your browser).

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