Broadcasting Service Update

Glow Broadcasting

New Software Release

The new Broadcasting service on Glow is now live and being used for Glow TV events and Glow meets. The Broadcasting service is a tool that enables users to stream live, interactive video web conferences with Glow using the latest version of Adobe Connect.

As previously mentioned, a further software release to the service is due for ‘go live’ in December. This release will provide the on-demand provisioning capability which automatically adds Glow users to the Adobe Connect directory when they go to a Glow TV session.   For most users the impact will be fairly small though it will make accessing the service more seamless. Development and testing is on-going and we will provide an update on the ‘go live’ date shortly.

Host Accounts

If you are a Glow user and would like to host a Glow meet, please make a request to your own local authority helpdesk to ask them to log a call with to get your account set as a host – they will need to know your username, your home establishment (i.e. school) and your role.

Glow User Accounts

All users accessing the Broadcasting service will require a Glow user account. If you do not have a Glow account, please get in touch with your local authority Glow contact who will be able to help with this and any other issues you may encounter when using the service.  This is a list of their contact details.

Technical Requirements

We have developed a Technical Specification for Glow Broadcasting (Adobe Connect) which will be of interest and relevance to IT Managers and those supporting Glow users. This aims to define minimum device and client requirements to effectively use the service.

If you have any additional questions about this update or the Broadcasting service, please contact






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One comment on “Broadcasting Service Update
  1. […] You will require to have been granted host rights to be able to create a new meeting. Click here for details of how to request this if, having clicked on the Glow meet for Hosts tile, you do not see “Create New Meeting” […]

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