Glow Blogs Phase 2 Upgrade

An upgrade to the Glow Blogs service is due to take place in January. The upgrade will provide the following:

  • an improved menu system
  • an easier way to create more complex navigation
  • improved media handling
  • a generally better editing experience on modern browsers
  • much improved mobile interfaces
  • and most importantly, a way to move forward and add more features in the future


It might take users a short time to get used to the changes, but this will be a very positive upgrade to the Glow Blogs service. We will post more information and guidance nearer the time here and on the Glow Help Blog categorised Phase 2.

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7 comments on “Glow Blogs Phase 2 Upgrade
  1. Rosslyn Lee says:

    Any more details on the media handling improvements John? Thanks.

    • Rosslyn,
      Wordpress now handles audio & video embeds without the need for plugins. Coupled with the bigger file upload should make podcasting easy.
      Video Galleries. Better Image Galleries, multiple file upload via DnD (with modern browsers).
      Anything particular you are looking for?

      • Rosslyn Lee says:

        Thanks John. I have a school who have been paying for WordPress 4 for a year and have a plugin called Download Monitor. I believe this allows them to find any media files they have uploaded quicker than simply trawling through posts. They asked if this was going to be available in WordPress 4.

      • Rosslyn, that oluging will not be avaliable in glow wordpress, at least at first. We will be looking to arrange for a process that folk will be able to request plugins, these to be security tested and installed. This might take a while to organise.

      • Rosslyn Lee says:

        Thanks for the information John. I’ll pass that on to the school concerned.

  2. Sheena Martin says:

    Will this upgrade allow me to delete old blogs? I haven’t been able to do this yet despite following instructions to enter an e-mail address within the settings on the blogs I want to delete. The e-mail confirmation never sends to my account although I am the administrator.

    • Hi Sheena,
      We had a bit of trouble with mail getting sent. I believe it is fixed now and you should be able to delete your blog now. The mail my be getting trapped by your spam filters so it is worth checking your spam folder. If you are still having problems, have your Local Authority raise a call with the help desk.

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