Glow Wikis Update Go Live Date


Update 12-12-2014: We now expect the wiki service to go live in January 2015. It was felt that the December date did not give us enough time to discuss some implications of the service with Local Authorities.

Functional Testing is almost complete and we are awaiting the results of security testing.

Wikis allow users to collaborate online in building websites. They encouraging participation, collaboration and interaction.

Pupils can build knowledge together and this can be presented either privately or publicly.

Wikis are easy to create and do not require any technical ability to run and maintain them. They have student and teacher friendly interfaces

The Wiki software keeps track of every edit made and it is a simple process to revert back to a previous version of an article or page.

Wikis are flexible and do not have a predetermined structure meaning they can be used for a wide range of applications.

Wikis make it easy to mix media, text, images, video, audio and more.

Wikispaces is providing the service and offers classroom specific features.

The Wikis project has 2 phases, in the first phase teachers will be able to request a new wiki via email and have organiser rights. In phase 2, teachers will be able to create wikis directly through a form.

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