Digital Learning Session for Scottish Ministers

On Wednesday 10th December, pupils and teachers from six Scottish schools met the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning Angela Constance and Minister for Schools, Science and Scotland’s Languages, Alasdair Allan to talk about Glow and how they use Glow and digital technology in their schools.

Digital leaders from Glenburn Primary School, South Ayrshire talking to Angela Constance about how they support their teachers and peers in using digital technology.

Glenburn Primary School 1There was a real buzz around the room as pupils spoke enthusiastically about digital technology and demonstrated the tools that they are using in their schools. Some of the reasons they liked Glow were:

  • Pupils can talk to each other about what they did in class and share ideas
  • They feel they are too young for social networks like Facebook or Twitter, so Glow provides an alternative way to chat
  • Glow is a safe environment
  • They liked the personalised launchpad as it gives easy access to their favourite apps
  • The advice on Glow about not giving away personal details is useful (Community Rules)
  • Teachers can upload revision videos to Glow. Accessing it from Glow varies the way pupils learn and revise
  • Teacher can add comments to homework

Pupils from Kirkton of Largo Primary School, Fife showing Angela Constance their class site and blog (foreground)Kirkton of Largo Primary School 1

Pupils from Preston Lodge High School, East Lothian chatting to Alasdair Allan about apps they use in the classroom (background)


The pupils were also honest about the drawbacks of using Glow, listing internet connectivity problems when they all log into Glow and the lack of devices in the classroom sometimes being an issue.

Gemma Sanderson, a teacher from Kirkton of Largo Primary School said: “Glow is so much better, I’m on it every day”. “The main thing for our school is that everything is in Glow – all in one place. Children like how everything is linked.”

Why I like Glow 2Tweet 2 Scottish ParliamentTweet 1 Scottish ParliamentWhat I like about Glow


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9 comments on “Digital Learning Session for Scottish Ministers
  1. Graham Brett says:

    The Digital Leaders from Glenburn Primary School in South Ayrshire had a fantastic day meeting lots of very important people. They spoke confidently and passionately about the role of technology in their world and how they can use technology to enhance their learning experience. Glow has the potential to play a huge part in this! Graham Brett – DHT, Glenburn PS.

  2. Scotland is fortunate to have Ministers who are prepared to take time to listen to learners about their experience, and to take such an interest in their use of digital technologies. Good to see the teachers taking a back seat!

  3. Mrs Brown says:

    Would be lovely if all six schools could get their names mentioned in this post.

  4. Rosslyn Lee says:

    North Ayrshire’s representatives from Lawthorn Primary really enjoyed their visit to the Scottish Parliament. These pupils had already made a presentation on their activities with Glow at the SLF and were delighted to be asked to Wednesday’s meeting. Glow is helping to build their confidence with technology as they are responsible for maintaining their Community Groups on Glow. These groups are used as examples to show other schools in the authority some of the potential of Glow and encourage others to move Glow forward in their schools.

    • glowscot says:

      Thank you so much for your comment. We are keen to continue working with schools to showcase how Glow is being used to support learning. It’s great that pupils are benefitting too.

  5. Mrs Brown says:

    disappointing for my daughter’s school name not to be put in your blog post, she and her classmates spent a lot of time preparing for the presentation.

    • glowscot says:

      We are planning a second post that will feature the other three schools and will be posted this week. We were so impressed with the efforts of all six schools. Many thanks for your comment.

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