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connectlinksitesWhat is Glow Connect?

Glow Connect is for learners and educators across Scotland who want to get started with Scotland’s new Glow services.

The site aims to provide information about what Glow is like now that the replacement services are live. It will help users understand how to get a login and show them how get started using some or all of the services. Glow Connect will also provide news about Glow services and events and connect users to our other sites and content.

Our other sites:

Glow Help Hubhelphublinksites this is where users can find out more detail about the services and tools offered on Glow, policies and guidance and how the Glow service can provide benefits for learners and teachers. You will also find links to other sources of help, both inside and outside of Glow itself. 


gallerylinksitesGlow Gallery – Glow provides a range of tools, resources and services.  Here we showcase how Glow is being used in schools to provide ideas and inspiration.  We are actively looking for more examples of how schools are using the features in Glow, please get in touch if you would like to see your school added to the gallery.



Glow Help Community- this is where users can connect with other Glow users. Here you will find a discussion forum for each of the Glow services. (Glow login required)


Digital Learning Community for Scotland this is the National Digital Learning Community site. The Digital Learning Community is a place for educators to discuss and share ideas and activities around more general digital learning and teaching and not just Glow.


Main partners:

Glow services are managed and developed by The Digital Learning and Teaching team, a partnership of Scottish Government and Education Scotland. Glow Connect is updated and maintained by the same partner team.


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