NMS – Mary Queen of Scots

Small - Mary QS copyGlow TV is off to the National Museum of Scotland on Wednesday 4th February at 1.45pm to find out about our very own Mary Queen of Scots.

Join our expert curator as he tells us more about the life and times of Mary, Queen of Scots, by looking at some of the objects closely associated with her. For this unique Glow session, the team at the National Museum of Scotland have taken objects out of the cases to let classes see them up close over the webcam. Classes will also be able to ask questions about Mary and the objects that they’ll see. The session will also include poll questions for classes to discuss.

Register now to take part – NMS – Mary Queen of Scots

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One comment on “NMS – Mary Queen of Scots
  1. You will receive an email to your email address which will contain the link to the event meeting room. If you don’t get the email to your normal email inbox please look at your Glow O365 Outlook inbox as your account may have that as your registered address. You can find this on an orange tile on your RM Unify Launchpad.
    I do hope that this is helpful.
    Best Wishes

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