Day for Change Learning Opportunities

Day for Change

Would you like your pupils to get involved in the Unicef Day for Change 2015 and find out more about what life is like for children around the world?

This year the Unicef Day for Change 2015 is all about protecting children caught in emergencies, such as the recent Philippines typhoon and the Syria conflict. Find out more on the Unicef website.

We have created a Glow Day for Change learning site (Glow login required) to help you get started and to become a repository for sharing what’s going on in schools across Scotland.

Get involved:

  • Sign up for Day for Change
  • Share (Glow login required) what you’ve been doing on our site
  • Nominate others to get involved via the National Newsfeed (Glow login required)
  • Spread the word in any way you can

The Day for Change provides opportunities for supporting the following curriculum areas:

  • Languages
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Social Studies

The official Day for Change date is Friday 6 February 2015, but you can hold yours anytime that suits you during the academic year.

Look out for further updates this week about Day for Change – our Glogo Competition (Glowlogin required) and a video from Scotland’s Minister for Children responding to thousands of letters written by school children in Scotland as part of the Unicef Outright initiative.

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