Internet Safety Teachers Network

The Internet Safety Teachers Network is a secure online community where teachers who are involved in Internet Safety education can update, share and discuss with each other information and approaches to teaching and learning.

Some of the features you will see in the site include:

  • Useful Resources – Primary and Secondary including resources developed by Thinkuknow
  • Monthly Conversations on hot topics using OneNote
  • Video Discussions – An area where you can view and discuss videos used to teach Internet Safety
  • Calendar of relevant activities and events

  • Relevant Web Links

  • Career Long Professional Learning

  • Newsfeed

Check the site out at: (You may need to login into Glow first before clicking the link)

Interested in seeing how Glow can be used to support teaching and learning for Internet Safety? Then why not have a look at what some schools have been doing in the Internet Safety – Learners site at:



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