Blogs Phase 2.1 Release Tuesday 24th February

Crossposted from the Glow Help Blog

This is a small bug-fix release. The update will happen between 4-6pm when the service may be down. The Downtime for the last release was lesas than 5 minutes and we do not anticipate this should take any longer.

Issues Fixed

  • Password protected posts can now be accessed
  • Users can no longer edit first and last names
  • Problem where a username was changed and locked some users out of blog
  • Access to ‘My Sites’ was broken if a user created a blog before visiting ‘My Sites’
  • TwentyTwelve, TwentyThirteen and TwentyFourteen updated to latest version
  • Redirection to Unify went to generic RM Unify page, now goes to Glow branded one
  • Fix for Google Translation widget in Suffusion Theme
  • Accessibility improved in Add Users area of Dashboard
  • Various Admin functions that will help the support but not affect end users


.MOV video files are now embedded in player. Playing of these is browser dependent.

Not fixed

We had hoped to fix a problem with the Spectrum Theme’s broken sliders. Unfortunately it looks like this will take too long for this release. We hoped it would be fixed by an upgrade to the latest version of the theme, but this added in some other complexities and security concerns. We have rolled back to the existing version with the slider bug.

Since this theme is designed for single WordPress installs rather than large network site we are considering ‘retiring’ this theme in the next phase and adding some alternative themes with similar functionality. The theme would still work (as much as it does, for existing blogs but would not be available for new blogs)

Please get in touch if you need any more information on these issues.

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