Making the most of Glow


We are pleased to launch a new help and support approach to help schools make the most of Glow – we have also taken the opportunity to refresh Glow Connect as your information portal for Glow and gateway to the new help and support resources.

Please have a look around and explore what’s on offer.

What’s new

Glow Help Hub – find out more detail about the services and tools offered on Glow, their application and how the Glow service can provide benefits for learners and teachers. You will also find links to other sources of help, both inside and outside of Glow.

Glow Community – we are keen to promote a self supporting community.  Here you will find a discussion forum for each of the Glow services (Glow login required).

Glow Gallery – this is where we are sharing how Glow is being used across the country.  If you have been using any of the features in Glow in an interesting and innovative way then please get in touch.

If you are using digital technologies for learning, you can get involved in Scotland’s growing digital learning movement by joining the National Digital Learning Community. Find out more on the National Digital Learning Community blog

Look out for further information here, on our Glow Facebook page and Twitter @glowscot.

We’re keen to hear what you think about the new help and support approach, please let us know.



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2 comments on “Making the most of Glow
  1. […] An Gearran 27, 2015 in CPD, Foghlam Alba, Foghlam to mheadhan na Gàidhlig, Goireasan 0 Making use of Glow We are pleased to launch a new help and support approach to help schools make the most of Glow […]

  2. Good to see more support coming through for use of GLOW, thank you.

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