NMS – Dinosaur Discovery

Small - Dinosaur NMSGlow TV once again returns to the National Museum of Scotland on Tuesday 24th February at 1.30pm to find out more about our past and this time we are going back to prehistoric times to find out more about dinosaurs!

Explore fossil evidence to discover clues about how dinosaurs lived. Join the team at National Museums Scotland who will take you through some fun experiments and calculations to find out some facts and figures about dinosaur life.

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2 comments on “NMS – Dinosaur Discovery
  1. saralee mccall says:

    Could you contact me about password recovery please. Conventional channels have not worked. Thanks in advance..saralee mccall

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    • Hi Saralee
      When you first logged in to Glow you will have been asked to set an email address that password recovery can be sent to (it shouldn’t be a Glow email address though) Once you click Forgotten Password it will send an email to this chosen address.

      However if you haven’t set this alternative email address the only alternative is to contact your local administrator who will be able to reset it for you. You can find a list of Key Contacts for each authority here so they can tell you who your local admin is – Local Authority Key Contacts.

      I do hope that this is helpful.
      Many thanks

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