1+2 Factor

1+2 fact

As part of National Digital Learning Week, we are launching the 1+2 Factor.  This competition is all about schools using digital technology to help them implement the 1 + 2 modern languages approach.

To find out more and for a virtual walk-round of the 1+2 Factor site, sign up to the lunchtime Glow TV event on Wednesday 4th March, 12.30-1.15pm. Lunch and learn!

If you would like to take part in the competition, you can use any of the services within Glow to help create a learning space to support the teaching of your chosen language.  You can then post a link to the 1+2 Factor site to share your learning space.

In August, we will select local representatives to attend the national final to be held at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on 30th September, where teachers and pupils will be invited to present their work on Glow to a panel of judges and other schools. Their presentation should explain the impact Glow has made on the teaching and learning in their school.

There will also be a games-based learning room for teachers and pupils to try out other forms of technology with a languages twist, and cultural and language tasters on offer.

Keep an eye on the 1+2 Factor site for competition updates, useful resources for languages teaching and to start sharing ideas on language learning!


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2 comments on “1+2 Factor
  1. Louise Kessack says:

    I would like that to happen

  2. […] You can now sign up for The 1+2 Factor modern languages competition. Read more about it at 1+2 Factor […]

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