Is the moon made of cheese?

chris hadfield

Last week we had the privilege of talking LIVE to Commander Chris Hadfield, the previous Commander of the International Space Station.   

Commander Hadfield, talking to us from Mexico,  responded to a very wide range of questions from nursery learners, primary and secondary school pupils in Scotland including:

  • Is the moon made of cheese?
  • What happens if you get claustrophobia in space?
  • Can you light fire in space?
  • Are there any aliens in space?
  • Is there a difference in a day (24 hours) in space?
  • Is the sun brighter in space?

For answers to these and all the other questions posed, please view the Glow TV watch again facility (Glow log-in needed).

Commander Hadfield had this advice for all Scotland’s learners:

“Think about all the little decisions you make every day, they turn you into who you’re going to be tomorrow and it’s those little decisions that eventually turn you into who you’re going to be your whole life.   Make good decisions and it’s amazing where it could lead you.”

Thank you to all those who took part and submitted questions.

Commander Hadfield’s YouTube channel


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