Wiki Warm Ups for All

wikiwarmupGlow Wikis arrived in January this year. If you want to find out a bit more about Wikis then Wiki Warm ups may be for you.

 What Are Wikis Anyway?
One answer might be: A webpage with an edit button.

Wikis are one of the easiest ways to publish to the web. They are also designed around collaborative creating which makes them ideal for many learning situations.

We are proposing to organise some support for the use of Glow Wikis. The plan is to have support for both Teachers and Learners.

For staff we will be running up to three virtual sessions in late April or Early May.
For classes we are offering some ad-hoc support.

Staff Sessions

Each of the staff sessions will cover the same ground.

Staff will need to prepare by gathering some information, images and links beforehand, this should take around half an hour.

There will be a GlowMeet lasting around 30 minutes followed by some editing tasks, the meet will stay open for answering and questions and providing support.
Interested staff should fill out the Wiki for Teachers survey indicating preferred days and times.

Class Support

We will provide support for some classes to start their own wiki on a topic of their choice.

The support will be provided via Glow Meet following the same pattern: A half hour Glow Meet followed by the opportunity for support for the next hour or so as pupils work on their Wiki.

Further support can be provided by discussion on the wiki itself for the rest of the term.

This is a chance to team up with other classes and work collaboratively.

We are obviously limited in the number of classes we can support and will give preference to multiple classes working on the same wiki if we get overwhelmed. There is a some preparation of content and planning would be required to make the most of this.

Please fill in the Wikis for Classes Survey if you are interested in this. ​

There are links to more information about wikis on the Glow Wikis home page sidebar.

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