Wiki Warm Ups How to Join In

wikiwarmupWe will run the Wiki Warm-ups sessions for Staff on:
Monday 11 May 3:30pm
Tuesday 12 May 3:30pm
Thursday 14th May 4:30pm

These sessions will repeat the same content so there is no need to attend more than one.

The Glow meet address is

and the room will be open shortly before the times above.

You might like  to prepare by gathering some information, images and links beforehand, this should take around half an hour.

During the warmup you will be invited to create a wiki page on a place in Scotland. You need to know a wee bit about a place in Scotland, and having some links and images will help.
There will be a GlowMeet lasting around 30 minutes followed by some editing tasks, the meet will stay open for answering and questions and providing support.

Please let anyone else interested know, as the meetings are open to any teacher with a Glow Account

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