Digital Storytelling Toolkit

Story Telling pic

During the National Digital Learning Week from 2nd to 6th March, schools across Scotland worked together to co-create stories using Word Online on Glow.  Have a look at our Storify of the event which includes tweets and pictures from many of the classes who got involved.

Award winning Scottish authors, Theresa Breslin and Cathy MacPhail kindly agree to write the opening chapters for each of the stories.

The result was two fantastic tales: The Unknown Secret and The Split World and a third tale which is ongoing.

Story telling pic 2

The stories are a credit to all those learners who participated and highlight an interest in collaborative learning approaches to literacy.

As a result we have developed a digital storytelling toolkit for teachers who wish to co-create their own stories using Glow.

The kit has:

  •  Suggested experiences and outcomes
  • A place for educators and learners to share experiences and approaches
  • Instructions on how to create your own storytelling space and how to manage changeovers

The kit is in trial phase and is available on Glow:  Digital storytelling toolkit



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