Apps in the Spotlight


We are pleased to launch a regular Apps in the Spotlight feature on Glow Connect to promote the exciting range of Apps that are available in the Glow Apps Library.

The App Library can be found on the launch pad to the service – have a look on the black ribbon at the top of the launch pad.  There are a growing range of free and paid for resources that can be added to launch pads for individual users or a whole school/establishment.

The first Apps in the Spotlight feature highlights a new App called Skoolbo.


Skoolbo is designed to help with reading and maths. Children enter a learning world and there is an inbuilt rewards system to motivate them to learn more.  Skoolbo is an immersive virtual learning world where students experience a highly personalised curriculum.  Sophisticated learning algorithms ensure that a blend of new, not yet mastered and mastered content is served to each child regardless of their actual age.

Find out more about Skoolbo from our Apps in the Spotlight site.  We will be adding new content on a regular basis and sharing updates here, on Twitter, our Facebook page and via Education Scotland.

If you cannot find the Skoolbo App on your launch pad, please get in touch with your local Glow Key Contact.

Skoolbo is currently running a Scottish Challenge, find out more about this via the Skoolbo website.


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