Glow Blogs e-Portfolios

Glow Blogs have been widely used by some local authorities as an e-portfolio solution. To support the continuation of this, we are working towards releasing an improved method of creating and maintaining e-portfolios using Glow Blogs.

Posts in blogs will continue to be the building block for both the portfolio and profile, however a plug in will be used to provide the required functionality rather than through a theme as was done previously. There will also be a centrally provided set of ePortfolio-tags which will ensure ease of tagging and organisation of the posts.

The profile will be viewable and printable from the dashboard at any time.

This improvement will try to ensure the process of creating and populating the e-portfolio is as straightforward as possible.

We expect these improvements to be launched in the Autumn and further details will be provided prior to then.

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2 comments on “Glow Blogs e-Portfolios
  1. Alan Yeoman says:

    HI John
    Thanks for the update – we’ve been doing quite a bit of work with Glasgow pupils building e-portfolios and I recon the centrally provided tags will remove much of the confusion they have.
    Alan Yeoman

  2. Shirley says:

    Anything that can make the process easier for pupils and staff will be very welcome.

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