RM Unify release V2.26 – Thu 04/06/15 16:00-19:00

As part of the on-going improvements to the Glow service, the latest release of RM Unify (V2.26) will be made live on Thursday 4th June. It is anticipated that there should be no disruption to service as part of this upgrade. The following new functionality will become available:-


  • A new drop-down menu which enables users to view a new National and Local Authority (LA) Launchpad (this will not be immediately visible as the menus will only appear when content has been added, which will be at the discretion of the LA’s and Scottish Government)
  • A ‘New’ icon which appears next to the launchpads for a period of 7 days, this informs the user that there has been new tiles added to the Launchpad
  • A new feature for Admins related to the Linked User feature in the last release – Users who have access to the Management Console can view their users and see if they have any linked accounts within the user details section
  • Changes to the Glow login page that improve password protection – Users can now more clearly see when the ‘show password’ flag is on, so to not accidentally display their password to others
  • Some background database changes to allow better reporting on the use of Glow
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