RM Unify release V2.28 – Mon 06/07/15 17:00-19:00

As part of the on-going improvements to the Glow service, the latest release of RM Unify (V2.28) will be made live on Monday 6th July. It is anticipated that there will be no disruption to service as part of this upgrade. 


There is one main feature being released for Glow users which allows the user to self-serve in an area that would have previously required admin permission. This will enable users with the role of teaching or non-teaching staff (not available for students) to manually trigger an establishment transfer at log-in time.

When a staff member has been transferred to another establishment via SEEMiS such that they are now in more than one school, the new feature allows the user to select which establishment is their primary establishment at the point of logging in. Currently, such transfers can be carried out by RM Unify Administrators within the Management Console for their own establishment. When users login they see My Profile screen with a section for transferring between establishments. The user can then choose to select either ‘stay here’ within their current establishment or select ‘transfer’ to another establishment, this screen will also be available within the My Profile screen.




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