Blogs – System updates – Thu 23/07/15 to Fri 07/08/15

As part of the on-going improvements to the Glow service, there will be some downtime on the Blogs service to allow some changes to take place – note that there will be no visible difference to end users after these changes have been completed.

The planned changes are noted below and will be updated periodically as work progresses:-

  • Thursday 23rd July – 16:00 – Changes deployed to Blogs
  • Friday 24th July – 15:00 to 16:00 – Blogs Central update (now complete)
  • Local Authority Blogs
    • Friday 7th August, starting at 10am
      • Clackmannanshire (now complete)
      • Orkney (now complete)
      • Western Isles (now complete)
      • Shetland Islands (now complete)
      • Aberdeen City (now complete)
      • Aberdeenshire (now complete)
      • Argyle and Bute (now complete)
      • Angus (now complete)

Changes will be applied in batches so Local Authorities / Establishments will only be affected for a short period. These changes will not affect the Blogs service, but will affect the tiles on Launch Pad. The blog will still be accessible by URL and you will still be able to log on to Glow Blogs. Going to a Private or Glow Only blog will redirect you through the RM Unify logon. Use the following link which provides a list of shortcuts for each authority:-

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