RM Unify release V2.30 – Tuesday 04/08/15 17:00-19:00

As part of the on-going improvements to the Glow service, the latest release of RM Unify (V2.30) will be made live on the evening of Tuesday 4th August.

It is anticipated that there will be no disruption to service as part of this upgrade.

The main feature in this release is that the Glow login page has been completely updated and refreshed:-

  •  The Username and Password fields are now much larger
  • There is a bigger Sign-In button – This change and the one above will make it easier for younger pupils to log on
  • There are less links on the page, making the screen clearer and less cluttered
  • There is a new purple background colour scheme in-line with the Glow branding guidelines
  • There is a new, improved @GlowScot Twitter feed
  • There is a new Service status button which takes you to the Glow Service Status page on Glow Connect for information about known issues and service updates

Note that there are no changes to the URL, users should continue to go to www.glow.rmunify.com to sign in.Glow New Logon

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