National Numeracy and Mathematics Hub

Numeracy Hub ImageThe Numeracy and Mathematics Team in Education Scotland have organised a series of modules and sessions in Glow TV throughout the coming session looking at different aspects of learning and teaching in this curriculum area.

You can register for the first of these sessions now in Glow TV:

25th August
Module 1- Session 1 Planning for progression – Using the National Numeracy progression Framework. Register now.

1st September
Module 1- Session 2 Planning for progression – Planning Effective Learning, Teaching and Assessment.
Register now.

8th September
Module 1- Session 3 Planning for progression – Effective Feedback and Assessment Evidence.
Register now.

15th September
Module 1- Session 4 Planning for progression- Plenary
Register now.

3rd September
Module 2- Numeracy across Learning – Numeracy across Learning.
Register now.

17th September
Module 3- Numeracy and Mathematics in Early Years.
Register now.

All of these sessions take place from 4pm – 4.45pm.

If you unable to join us for the live events you can always catch up with the recordings at another time – Glow TV’s Watch Again.

There is lots more also going on in the National Numeracy and Mathematics Hub within Glow as well so why not visit it now? – National Numeracy and Mathematics Hub

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2 comments on “National Numeracy and Mathematics Hub
  1. Dolores Devlin says:

    Hi, thanks for sending email recently regarding new courses and registration dates.

    I forgot my password and the promised password reset is not amongst my messages

    Can you resend link?

    Thank you,

    Dolores Devlin

    • Hi Dolores
      Sorry that you are unable to access Glow through your usual login. If the password reset isn’t working it means that you haven’t specified which email account you wish it to go to. In this instance you will need to contact your Local Key Contact and you can find your authority one here –

      Once you are back in to Glow simply go to your nam ethat appears in the right hand corner of the Launchpad and select My Profile. You can then specify which email address you would like any future password resets to be sent to.

      I do hope that this is helpful.
      Best Wishe

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