Blogging Bootcamp Review


Last session we ran a blogging bootcamp in Glow Blogs with the idea of helping classes to get going or improve their class blogs.

The Bootcamp was a virtual one run from the bootcamp blog. For 10 weeks we posted technical tips, discussion topics and blogging challenges on the blog. Participants responded on their own blogs. These responses were aggregated onto the bootcamp blog. We also supported participants with regular Glow Meets, videos and documents.

150 classes signed up.
51 classes joined in by posting to their blogs.
They produced over 500 posts on their blogs categorised as bootcamp.

Here are just a few of the posts that should give you a flavour of the variety of activities that went on across the project.

Now the bootcamp is over we have reorganised the blog a little to allow visitors to get an overview of how it worked and how the resources were used either individually or in organising their own bootcamp: Blogging Bootcamp

The feedback from participants was very positive, the variety of challenges, different forms of support and the way that classes could be involved at anytime were all felt to be beneficial.

Feedback also suggested that the Glow Meets might have been more useful if these were aimed at either pupils or staff and that the pupil ones were more interactive. We will be taking that suggestion forward in Bootcamp 2 which will be starting week begining 31 August. You can sign up now.

I also made a screencast reviewing the Bootcamp for a course I was participating in:

Primary teacher. I like blogs, podcasts and the internet. More here

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3 comments on “Blogging Bootcamp Review
  1. fwelsh24 says:

    Every day is a school day! I’m excited already. Perfect for sharing the learning as part of John Muir Award and I’m looking forward to teaching the cinquain.

  2. Diane Anderson says:

    This is a braw learning experience. Well worth signing up for the second one – with a class or for your own CLPL.

  3. DA says:

    Clue for #glowbusters
    crowds visit that authority

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