Twig and Tagtag Announcement

We are pleased to announce that Twig and Tigtag have been procured, through competitive tender, by Education Scotland for a further 12 months through to July 2016. As a result, these award-winning online resources will continue to be available to all local authority schools through Glow for use by educators and learners across Scotland.

New resources, Twig assignments and Tigtag Junior, will also be added in late autumn to the existing package available. An accompanying resource, Reach-Out CPD – a professional learning resource from Twig World to support primary science – has also been recently made available to Glow users.

The cost of this new one year contract with Twig World Ltd is £430,000 (including VAT) and this is being funded by the Digital Learning and Teaching Programme this year. This represents a significant investment in science and mathematics education which is a key priority within the current Programme for Government. In the longer term, it is likely that resources such as these will be procured via a local authority collaborative contract. What this means is that local authorities will be able to purchase digital resources of their choice and opt in to contracts accordingly. See the Education Scotland briefing for more information.

Learners and practitioners (including those in early learning and childcare, additional support needs, primary and secondary school settings) are encouraged to make use of these resources which can be found on the Scotland Launchpad and the App Library of Glow.

More about Twig, Tigtag and Reach Out

Twig is an award-winning online teaching resource providing thousands of tailor-made, short films to help bring lessons to life. Content has been created by teachers and academics to support delivery of Curriculum for Excellence covering sciences, social studies and mathematics for learners aged 11-16. Twig Experiments offers over 300 short films covering 81 key experiments.

Tigtag is aimed at learners aged 7-11 years and provides online resources to support the teaching of primary science. It contains science in action videos, ready-made lesson plans, hundreds of images and diagrams, practical activities and fun facts. From the end of September, Glow users will also have access to Tigtag Junior which is an accompanying online science resource for learners aged 4-7 years.

Reach-Out CPD offers professional learning videos and resources for teachers delivering primary science and other aspects of Curriculum for Excellence.

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2 comments on “Twig and Tagtag Announcement
  1. Caroline Breyley says:

    This is really good news especially as we are now having Tigtag Junior as well. The videos in particular are great resources to support teaching.

  2. Nigel Sanderson says:

    Excellent news but disappointing that the contract is only for 12 months. Links to these materials are built into our course materials for S1 – S4. The thought of having to find new resources at the end of the year for dozens of lessons is rather daunting.
    We can’t guarantee that our education authority will fund their use for the future so we’re left with Catch 22. Spend more time sourcing new materials so that we don’t depend on TWIG, in which case we weaken the argument for keeping TWIG, or save time by making maximum use of this resource, taking the risk of losing it in 12 months time and having to find a lot of new resources all at once.

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