Glow Safety Online: Glow Community Rules and Report a Concern

We want users to be able to benefit from all that Glow has to offer while staying safe and secure online. The Glow Community Rules provide information and advice on the safe use of Glow. This includes the following good practice principles:

  • Be secure
  • Be polite
  • Be safe
  • Be legal
  • Be responsible

In addition, Glow has a ‘Report a Concern’ function which is available on all Glow core services and the Scotland Launchpad (see below). This allows users to submit any concerns about content or activity on Glow. The Report a Concern function is available to all users.

Report a Concern tile

(Please be aware that facility cannot assist with general/technical support including password resets or user account issues, you should continue to use your local school / authority contacts for this or utilise the available Glow help forums)

Please familiarise yourself with the Glow Community Rules which provide more information on how to stay safe and secure online and access to a range of other useful links and resources.  Please ensure those who are using Glow are aware of online safety and how to use the Report a Concern function.


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