How to Set Up and Reset Glow Passwords

Users of Glow, like any other system, forget their passwords from time to time. An automated service exists within Glow that allows users to reset their own passwords – this is the recommended approach for password resets as it can be done at any time e.g after normal school hours or even during holidays where it can be difficult to find support staff to perform this activity.

This guide shows you how to set and change your password, how to set up the self-service password and how to use the ‘forgotten your password’ function.

pdficonPassword reset process

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2 comments on “How to Set Up and Reset Glow Passwords
  1. glowscot says:

    Hi Pamela
    Thanks for getting in touch. The guidance here should be of help. If you are still having difficulties, please let us know.
    Many thanks
    Glow Team

  2. Sharon Stewart says:

    Hello I don’t know if this is correct forum but wonder if you can help me. I am setting up a school blog and am trying to log into Glow as one of the children for testing purposes. However, my computer always automatically defaults to my login when I try to enter the password.

    I have unclicked “remember me on this computer” but when I go back in it is still checked.

    Hope you can help. Many thanks.

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