How to Host a Glow Meet

The Glow Meet service is powered by Adobe Connect. Every time Adobe Connect is used for connecting Glow users together, someone has to act as host. A host sets the room up and has the rights to manage other users within the room – this could include making other people in the room a host too.

Follow these steps to become a host:

Step 1

  • The first thing to do is get your account recognised as a host account within Adobe Connect
  • This needs to be done only once and then you can host as many meetings as you wish

Step 2

  • To set yourself as a host make a request to your own local authority helpdesk to ask them to log a call with to get your account set up as a host account
  • Please ensure you have your username, your home establishment (i.e. school) and your role as this will be needed to get you set up
  • Once this has been done you will receive a response confirming you have been set up as a host

Step 3

  • To find out how to set up a Glow Meet, have a look at this guide

This process is currently open to any adult within Glow. For more information about Glow Meet and Glow TV, have a look at the Glow Help Hub.


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