Glow Blogs and e-portfolios

A new plug-in has been developed for Glow Blogs which simplifies the creation and management of e-portfolios created in Glow Blogs.

To provide you with more information about this functionality, there will be two Glow Meet sessions both of which will take place on Tuesday 24th November. Both sessions will last around 30 minutes and both will cover the same information (no need to attend both)

The sessions will be at 1400 and 1600, 24th November 2015

You will find the sessions here – (Glow login required)

If you are planning to attend, it would be great if you would post a comment on this page but that is not essential

These sessions are open to all teachers and other staff in Glow

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7 comments on “Glow Blogs and e-portfolios
  1. Mrs Millar says:

    I hope to attend the 4pm session with at least one other colleague, maybe more. Thanks!

  2. Mrs McGeehan says:

    I hope to attend the 4pm session. Thanks

  3. Allison says:

    I hope to attend the 4pm session. I will also be asking colleagues to join me. Thanks

  4. Kenny Matheson says:

    Plan to attend.

  5. Kathleen Morris says:

    Kathleen. Looking forward to this afternoon’s session.

  6. Mrs McGeehan says:

    I didn’t manage to get to attend the Glow Meed on Tuesday and wondered if this had been recorded and was available to watch now?


    Paola McGeehan

    St Patrick’s Primary School



  7. Tom Gregory says:

    Yes, it was recorded, available here (link on right hand side of page, under e-portfolio videos

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