RM Unify in Glow – Changes

As of this morning (19th January), RM Unify within Glow – the Launchpad – has a new look

The functionality is the same however the look is hopefully improved


Key differences are:

  • You no longer move between screens by going to the right (or left) – instead they are all shown on teh screen and you scroll down to see those not available on the screen in front of you.
  • To move between your different launchpads (the national one, your school one, your local authority one (if you have one)) you use the icons on the left hand side of the screen – the one highlighted in blue is the one that is active and the name is given at the top left – in this case My Launchpad
  • My files will take you straight to your OneDrive
  • You can now search the launchpads

There are more changes e.g. when you edit your Launchpad you can drag and drop as before but also change positions from drop downs, however the ones listed above are the main ones.


We hope you like this new look and you find it an improvement, comments here will be checked for feedback which will be passed to RM too to inform future developments

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3 comments on “RM Unify in Glow – Changes
  1. Lynn MacFarlane says:

    Hello,Can you please tell me whether the password for RM Unify the same as your glow password or is it separate?Thanks,L MacFarlane

  2. Dawn Jones says:

    I like the new look and more user friendly!!!would be good for all new users to see reference that My Files will take you straight to One Drive/(MySite)

  3. tom gregory says:

    Sorry for the very late response to these – RM Unify are the first screens you see in Glow – so your Glow username and password is what lets you in to RM Unify, there is no separate username and password.

    Feedback will be passed on regarding My Files and OneDrive

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