Glow Privacy Impact Assessment

The Glow privacy impact assessment was originally published in June 2015.  As the Glow service continues to be updated, the privacy impact assessment is reassessed and reissued.  It also now includes all Glow core services.

The following link will take you to the new version:
ICT in Learning – Operating Conditions – HIP – Privacy Impact Assessment – version 2.0 – Feb 2016

To provide an explanation of why this work is carried out and what has been done, the words from last June’s post are offered below:

“The PIA has been undertaken to inform children and young people, parents and professionals about privacy implications and to assist in making decisions about how to use Glow. Views have been sought from a variety of stakeholders including Glow Key Contacts in each local authority; the ICT in Learning Technical and Operational Advisory Group; and the Scottish Stakeholder Group on Child Internet Safety. Detailed work has been undertaken in partnership with Young Scot and the Children’s Parliament to obtain the views and perspectives of children and young people. Work has also been undertaken in partnership with Reid-Howie Associates to obtain the views and perspectives of a number of teachers and parents.

The outcome of the assessment is that suitable steps have either been taken or are in the process of being implemented to effectively manage any potential privacy impacts which could occur from use of the Microsoft Office 365 service in Glow.”

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